Chinchilla Coffee-House

Chinchilla Coffee-House is a boutique café located in south-west of Sydney. A vintage inspired café that takes much pride in the true essence of great tasting coffee while providing an insight to the evolution of the coffeehouse. Upon receiving the brief for the undeveloped start-up business it was vital that a concept, brand and interior design was formed in the hopes of revolutionising the art and coffee culture of Bankstown, Sydney.

In creating a brand that caters to the concept at hand, much of its inspiration dates back to the early 1800’s. From the vintage inspired typography used in the menu design to the antique telephone booth and Thomas Edison light bulbs used throughout the interior.

Skill set: Creative direction / Branding / Strategy / Print design / Interior design.
Deliverables: Corporate identity / Interior Design / Branded card’s & menu designs.
Table menus: Acrylic 190gsm paper stock.
Branded cards: 250gsm recycled craft stock.
branded stamps: Custom rubber stamp on Crane Lettra 600gsm fluorescent board.
Featured on: Art of the menu

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