The Local Mbassy is a boutique café and kitchen paying homage to the locals of the 1920’s. Deeply enthused by the Australian prohibition-era, we’re taking off our hats to the local hooligans, the revolutionaries and to those who made a difference in moulding up today’s Australian art, fashion and coffee culture.

Upon receiving the brief for the undeveloped start-up business, it was fundamental that a full creative direction, business development, concept, brand and design were developed. This was in the hopes of creating a destination store that played a crucial role in Sydney’s social and foodie culture while serving the perfect brew of Campos Speciality Coffee.

The boiler room inspired Local Mbassy comes with rigueur exposed beams and bulbs; raw concrete finishes, one off refurbished furniture and a larger-than-life feature mural that sets context and tone to 1920’s Australia.


Skill set: Business Development & Strategy / Creative direction / Branding / Print design / Interior design / Web Design.
Deliverables: Corporate identity / Interior Design / Branded cards / Menu designs / Website / Packaging / Social media integration
Table menus: Custom tasmanian oak.
Branded cards: 350gsm letterpress.
Branded embosser: Custom hand embosser.
Artist / Muralist: Sid Tapia
Photographer: Shayben Moussa
Antiques / Installation: Lunatiques
Drafter: Yelena Smetannikov

Featured: Good Food (SMH)