MG Business Brokers

MG Business Brokers is a commercial real estate broker situated in Sydney, Australia. With much of their expertise in commercial real estate, within and abroad of Australia, it was vital that a branding campaign was undergone in the hopes of attracting a professional clientele.

The open brief and budget allowed much of its branding and print collateral to be executed in minimalistic and elegant way. A clean and simplistic use of gold-foiled letter pressed business cards, hand embossed envelopes and 600gsm board stock allowed much of its branding to be delivered in a sophisticated and up-market manner.

 Skill set: Creative direction / Branding / Strategy / Print design.
Deliverables: Corporate identity / Business cards / Letterheads / Envelopes.
Business card: Gold foil letterpress on 600gsm Crane Lettra fluorescent board.
Envelopes: Crane Lettra Fluorescent paper stock.
Embosser: Custom desk embosser.

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